The introduction of positioning methods in search engines is important because:

– 85% of all travel-related purchases start online.

– The Internet is the first place where business travelers, like those who travel for pleasure, seek information.

– 90% of travelers search on Google either on travel-related sites or online travel agencies (OTA).

– More and more travelers prefer to conduct research in search engines such as Google or Bing, and not on websites or applications (applications).

– Google updates its algorithm from 500 to 600 times a year. • Search engines find the content of each web page more and more relevant. • It is important that the content that we publish on our social networks is publicly available, so that it positively affects the positioning of our website.

Authors of the SEO texts. Internet positioning (SEO) is an opportunity for our potential guests to find us in search engines, but as soon as a user gets to our site, the site is responsible for what happens to this visitor, for this our website must have a unique, different, attractive and effective content to keep the guest and place an order.

They prefer websites that have 3 fundamental characteristics:

– Accessibility: means the ease with which the search engine can find and identify our website and, thus, include it in the search results.

– Relevance: it is important that our site contains keywords used by our potential guest, both in the content of the site and in the code of the page. We need to take care of our text and think about how our customers look at us.

It can be qualified by less formalized schools, such as reflections, which envisage the process of forming a strategy as a visionary process, emergence, negotiations, cultural, etc.

– Good user experience: for this person to remain on our website, we must work on a set of factors and elements that facilitate user interaction with our website. Design is important, but just like download speed, accessibility via mobile devices, searching for the information they were looking for, and just as important, we must take into account other aspects related to emotions, feelings, we must transfer confidence to the Brand and the product.

It is clear that what begins online does not necessarily end online; that is, they can find us on the Internet and contact us by phone or contact an online travel agency. If the user experience on our website is not very good or we do not provide the information that the person was looking for, we force our potential customers to book on other online channels or in another institution.

Web positioning consists of 3 methods, all important and all together, to improve our position in search engines such as Google.

– SEO tactics: external factors that are not related to our site, but which help us position ourselves. This type of SEO is related to incoming links, that is, to those web pages that mention us (linking), comments on social networks (not only in our official accounts), blogs, etc. The key to this method is that the links or websites that mention us are relevant, important, of good quality, because otherwise we will get the opposite effect.

– Inbound marketing or content marketing: the distribution of quality content through unobtrusive channels such as social networks. The goal is to interest a potential customer in our product or service and to contact us online or offline.

Before starting with a book on writing SEO, I just want to point out some of the changes that were made in the second review.

Development ideas. Remember, a blog is a powerful tool that can catapult you into a specific area of work, but before you sit down to write, you need to think about what I want to do? What kind of people do I want to reach? What benefits do I want to receive? If you manage to give a concrete answer to these questions, you will be on the right track. Secondly, identify your niche. Of course, someone will say “write about what you know and love” (and I include myself here), but this may not be the best advice if you are looking for a business; On the Internet, you should look for specific niches or markets where you can grow to create a blog.